Then and now

The start of the modern-day JSG Ausrüstung GmbH dates back to 1978. At that time, the company founder, Jens Schwarzmannseder, started to work in the new area of  technical textiles, in addition to working in his parents’ weaving mill which made home textiles and was no longer profitable.

In 1981, he founded the company JS Glasgewebe, and initially specialised in the production of reinforcement materials for the building industry.

Starting off in this completely new area was difficult not just for financial reasons. However, with a lot of ambition and thanks to his ability to construct and build the production machinery himself, he established the foundations of the companies’ success which was to come.

The first smaller production machinery was sold and replaced with more technically developed machinery. These systems are now being used and continue to meet modern standards and ensure efficient production.

The company has a lot to thank its clients who then kept their word at the beginning by giving the new, aspiring company orders after the new production machinery were complete and who now continue to be loyal to this day.

With the years of experience in both the technical and chemical areas and based on the needs of the clients, two main areas have been established. On the one hand, we have the area of thermal desizing or caramelising of glass and silicate fabrics, and on the other we have the wet finishing or impregnation of various technical fabrics.

Our company was one of the first to develop a soft, high temperature resistant finish, i.e. with this finish the glass or silicate fabric could be made more suitable for further processing as it didn’t develop so much dust with the added weave lock finish.

Today, in addition to our well-developed standards, we offer many client-specific finishes. We always aim to find suitable finishing solutions for new or existing uses.

A few years ago, for example, we were able to manufacture a prepreg. In order to be able to manufacture this prepreg with a very high solid content of around 280g/m² on a glass rowing fabric, we had to implement some technical changes on our foulard-application system. In this case, we could help a client to solve capacity problems that had arisen while maintaining the clients’ strict quality measures.

We look forward to continuing the successful and trusting collaboration with our clients and suppliers in the future or to help starting new projects.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have relating to new challenges!