About us!

Our family company is specialised to apply perfect finishes in order to refine technical fabrics or technical textiles for many industrial applications.

After more than 30 years as contract finishers, we have gained a considerable amount of experience, which has increased thanks to a close cooperation with our clients and business partners.

In our main production area, wet impregnation or finishing, we have developed many of our own recipes. These aim to meet the individual client requirements and achieve the best possible results with the fabrics in question.

We work with selected chemical suppliers, and place a high value on a product quality which is both high and consistent. The chemicals we use are water based, and we look for environmentally friendly products when selecting and using chemical products.

The technical basis for our activities was achieved by constructing and building our own production machinery, which is continuously being modernised.

Rolls of fabric made of glass, silicate, aramid, carbon and polyester can be processed on our foulard machine for wet impregnation up to a width of 2010 mm. We can thermally desize or caramelise glass and silicate fabrics up to a width of 1850mm.

Our formula for success are happy clients and highly qualified and motivated employees. We do our best to complete orders as quickly as possible, while also carefully meeting our own quality standards and those of our clients.

We are always looking for new challenges and would be happy to receive your inquiry. We may already have a solution for what you need, and if not we will find one – just ask us!